Don't throw it away – throw it our way…

How we work

We are proud of our South African roots and committed to making a significant contribution to sustaining and improving our environmental impact through the services that we offer.

We serve a broad sector of the South African community and impact positively through our operations and the services that we offer.

To ensure we meet this goal and fulfill our promise, we assess your business to find ways of diverting waste from landfill thereby saving money and valuable natural resources.

So no matter what your recycling needs, don’t throw it away, throw it our way.

Recycle with us
Please contact us for a free consultation.

From initial assessment to implementation, our services include:

  • No charge assessment of your waste stream
  • Bespoke recycling solutions for commercial, institutional & government clients
  • Advice and assistance with sourcing infrastructure & training for effective recyclables recovery
  • Once-off and regular collection requirements, archive clear-outs etc.
  • Confidential shredding & certified document destruction - at no charge!
  • Advice and support to recycling entrepreneurs on how to start a sustainable recycling venture
  • Integration into our existing supply chain

Our process

Neopak Recycling is a recyclable waste reclamation company serving all regions of South Africa.

  • Assessment

  • Sourcing

  • Processing

  • Distribution

  • New products

  • We assess your waste stream and processes to identify opportunities to minimize waste to landfill
  • We procure and transport recyclable waste from waste collectors nationally and within the broader SADC region
  • We process most types of recyclable waste including paper, plastic metal and glass packaging
  • We have processing facilities in four of South Africa’s major urban centres and a large fleet of vehicles, collection containers, balers and compacters to meet any and all your recycling needs
  • We are constantly looking for ways to direct new products away from landfill and into conventional recycling streams